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Tri-State Trolling Motor
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Minn Kota MKP-33 Prop (1865018)
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Weedless Wedge 2 Prop
Fits 4" Motor Diameter 1865018
Prop Nut and Shear Pin Included


This 100% weedless prop features a unique, patented design with swept-back and flared blades that “wedge” weeds away while conserving battery power. It helps you move through heavy vegetation – even at slow speeds. Fits 4" motor diameters.

Applicable Motor Models
80PD, 80PD/AP, 80PD/AP/US, Fortrex 101, Fortrex 101/US2,
Fortrex 80, Fortrex 80/US2, Max 101, Max 101/H, Max 101/H/3X,
Max 101/US, Max 80, Max 80/BG/US2, Max 80/H, Max 80/H/3X,
Max 80/US, Max 80T, Max Pro 101, Max Pro 101/BG/US2,
Max Pro 101/US, Max Pro 80, Max Pro 80/BG/US2, Max Pro 80/US,
MK101EM, MK160EM, MK202EM, MK80EM, RT 101/B, RT 101/B/3X,
RT 101/S, RT 101/S/3X, RT 101/SF, RT 101/SM/BG, RT 101/SM/BG/3X,
RT 101/ST/CP/AP, RT 80/AP, RT 80/B, RT 80/B/3X, RT 80/B/L&D,
RT 80/B/L&D/3X, RT 80/S, RT 80/S/3X, RT 80/SF, RT 80/SM/BG,
RT 80/SM/BG/3X, RT 80/SM/L&D, RT 80/SM/L&D/3X, RT 80/ST/CP,
RT 80/ST/CP/AP, RT Pro 101, RT Pro 80, RT101EM, RT160EM,
RT202EM, RT80EM, Terrova 101, Terrova 101/AP, Terrova 101/AP/US2,
Terrova 101/US2, Terrova 80, Terrova 80/AP, Terrova 80/AP/US2,
Terrova 80/US2, Traxxis 80, Vantage 101, Vantage 80, Vector 101/3X, Vector 80/3X,

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