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Tri-State Trolling Motor
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Minn Kota MKP-8 Prop (2331120)
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Weedless Wedge Prop
Fits 4" motor diameters 2331120
Prop Nut and Shear Pin Included


This 100% weedless prop is designed to push weeds away and conserve battery power. Even at slow speeds, it powers through heavy vegetation or cover. Fits 4" motor diameters.

Applicable Motor Models
3.1HP/B, 3.1HP/S, 3HP, 3HPS/SBM, 3HPS/STM, 4.3HP/B, 4.3HP/S, 4HP, 55AT/H, 55EX, 62PD/AP, 64AP, 64PD, 70AT/H, 70EX, 70T/H, 70EX, 70T/H, 74PD, 74PD/AP, 74PD, 74PD/AP, 74PD/AP-US, 95M, 95W, 99M, 99W, 395M, 395W, 399M, 399W, 595M, 595W, 599W, 795M, 795MX, 799M, 799MX, Genesis 74, Genesis 74/AP, Genesis 74/AP-US, Max 74/H/3X, Max 74T, Max 74, Max 74/H, Max 74BT, Max 74-US, RT 3.1/B, RT 3.1/S, RT 4.3/B, RT 4.3/S, RT 70/B, RT 70/S, RT 74/AP, RT 74/B/BG/3X, RT 74/B/H/BG, RT 74/S, RT 74/S/3X, RT 74B/H/L&D, RT 74B/L&D/3X, Vantage 74, Vector 74/3X, 36MRM, 36MTM, 36W, 36WRM, 40M, 40MR, 40MRM, 40W, 40WRM, 736MX, 740MX

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